Benefits of Participating in Research Studies

Mental health and conditions that affect the brain are a very complex area of medicine. Research is imperative to understanding all of the ways these conditions affect people and how medical professionals can treat patients. Joining a research study is one of the great ways to not only improve your own well being, but help the community on a whole.


Some of the potential benefits of a joining a research study or clinical trial you might see include:


  • Access to new treatments not available outside the clinical-trial setting
  • Treatments that can be more effective than the standard approach
  • Close monitoring, advice, and support by a team of doctors who understand your condition
  • The ability to have an active role in your own health care 
  • The chance to help the greater society by contributing to medical research

All clinical trials and research studies are required by law to follow strict protocols to ensure the safety and health of each participant. If you qualify for an available study, you’ll be presented with an informed consent document that details information about the particular trial and what you can expect. 


Princeton Medical Institute is currently seeking participants for a wide range of research studies. All study related visits, lab work, medications, and procedures are provided at no cost to those who qualify for the study. Qualified participants will receive compensation for time and travel. Contact our staff today and see if you’re eligible to join a research study.