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Lead Investigator

Dr Jeffrey T. Apter is the Founder and President of Global Medical Institutes and is the Lead Principal Investigator for PMI. He has been a research collaborator in the Departments of Psychology and Molecular Biology at various educational institutions around the world.


Dr. Apter has published over 30 articles in the areas of psychiatric and Alzheimer’s research in conjunction with Princeton University.


Dr. Apter is a founding member of the New Jersey Alzheimer Association Scientific Advisory Board and is nationally known as a thought leader in Alzheimer’s Research. He is also a founding member of the American Association of Geriatric Psycho-endocrinology and the International Society of CNS Clinical Trials And Methodology (ISCTM).

Doctors & Staff

Dr. Jeffrey T. Apter

Founder & Lead Principal Investigator


Garen Gajian, M.D.

Board Certified, Anesthesiology & Pain Management

Cindy L. Gaskins, APN

APN with specialty of Family Psychiatric Mental Health

Adria Trapani-Barnacz, APN

APN with specialty of Family Psychiatric Mental Health

Eugene Selivra, M.D., CEO

Renowned Expert in Clinical Research

Dr. Sanjay Varma

Board Certified, Psychiatry

James Wolberg, M.D.

Associate Medical Director


Kaylee White, PhD

Site Director


Thibaud Belleface, BA, BS

Director of Marketing & Recruitment


Study Coordinators:
Claire Pasquale
Sumaiya Afzal
Madeleine Besselaar

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