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Clinical Research Intern

Clinical research involves investigational studies that involve participants that volunteer to receive the trial drug or treatment. Clinical trials involve a collaborative relationship between the researchers and pharmaceutical companies (sponsors) to explore whether a medical strategy, treatment, or device is safe and effective for humans. These studies may also show which medical approaches work best for certain illnesses or groups of people and the possible side effects related to the treatment.


These duties include:

  • Screen participants for study eligibility​
  • Observe TMS sessions and infusions
  • Coordinating and conducting community outreach events
  • Learn how to conduct various cognitive tests used for studies (MMSE, MOCA)
  • Ensure data completeness, maintaining research files, providing information to participants regarding research protocols and procedure
  • Conduct standardized research assessments with the participants
  • Unpaid Internship

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Marketing Intern

This internship position will be a combination of marketing and communication skills to recruit patients and help spread awareness about Princeton Medical Institute.


These duties include:


  • Recruit interested patients via phone calls, ZipWhip, email, or on-site visit
  • Generate media interest by creating online or print advertisements, press releases, social media posts
  • Attend off-site community events such as, health fairs, health lectures, & networking events
  • Call patients to follow up or schedule appointments
  • Assist the department heads and management team in daily operations.  ​
  • Unpaid Internship

Medical Receptionist Intern

PMI is looking to fill a Medical Administrator internship position. The selected candidate will work closely with our Receptionist and learn how the front desk of a Clinical Research Site and Psychiatrist Office runs!


These duties include:


  • Check-in patients
  • Verify insurance and communicate with insurance companies
  • Contact various Doctor’s Offices
  • Organize and file documents accordingly
  • Collect and record payments
  • Answer and direct phone inquiries effectively​
  • Unpaid Internship

This internship will provide hands on experience and learning opportunities.


To apply, email:, or call (609) 921-6050


Full-Time Positions

To apply, email:, or call (609) 921-6050