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Now accepting patients experiencing mood swings, intensely and rapidly shifting feelings towards oneself or others, or self-harming behaviors and are between the ages 18 and 65,

Symptoms of BPD (borderline personality disorder) can be highly disruptive to one’s life and difficult to pinpoint to any one cause. The condition has historically been difficult to treat as well as diagnose. People with borderline personality disorder tend to have difficulties maintaining relationships and can find that their condition greatly interferes with their professional lives, as well.

If you are experiencing BPD symptoms that include any of the following – a pattern of unstable and intense relationships with loved ones, a distorted self-image, impulsive behaviors, or self-harm – it is possible to find treatment and relief.​

Adjunct therapies are designed to be used in addition to medications that help.  Call us today at (609)-921-6050 or take our quiz to see if you qualify for a research study investigating new treatments for BPD.

To find out if you qualify call: (609) 921-6050 or email our Recruitment Team

Trial Identifiers: Stay Tuned for Updates

What is a clinical research study?

A Clinical Research Study (also called a clinical trial) is a medical study that helps answer important questions about an investigational drug or device, such as: does it work, or how effective is it compared to another drug/device?

All medications must be tested in clinical research studies before they can be approved by regulatory authorities for doctors to prescribe to patients. Without people taking part in these studies, we would have no new treatments. The volunteers who participate in clinical research studies play a major role in helping to advance medicine.

What can you expect from a BPD study?

The BPD study will include various visits to a study site in your area and follow up phone calls at designated times.

All study-related care is provided at no cost to you. You do not need health insurance to participate. Volunteers who take part in the study may receive compensation for their time and travel. Participation is entirely voluntary. Even if you decide to take part in this study, you can change your mind about participating at any time.