Now accepting patients experiencing sadness, loneliness, feeling blue, having trouble concentrating, and are between the ages 7 and 75.


Everyone feels stressed or anxious at some point – and almost everyone will feel unhappy with their life or have difficulty sleeping. With depression, this becomes the norm – those suffering from depressionfind that it’s not just an occasional moment where they feel off in one of these ways, but the occasional moment where they don’t.​

When unhappiness, anxiety, despondency, or any of the side-effects of these feelings start to rule your life, you need to get help – but sometimes that help doesn’t make you feel completely better.​

Adjunct therapies are designed to be used in addition to an antidepressant that helps, but doesn’t alleviate all symptoms of depression. Princeton Medical Institute also offers Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy and Ketamine Treatments. Call us today at (609)-921-6050 to see if you qualify for a research study investigating new treatments for depression.​

For more information about TMS please visit our site at:​

To find out if you qualify, call (609) 921-6050

To find out if you qualify call: (609) 921-6050 or email our Recruitment Team

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